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Dish Towel


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Why not make everyday kitchen chores more pleasant by using beautiful handmade objects? These towels are handwoven using a thirsty blend of cotton, hemp, and linen. The cottons we use are mostly recycled and the unprocessed texture of the yarns gives them a rustic, earthy hand.  Measuring approximately 18″ x 28″ they can be laundered and pressed like other commercial kitchen towels. Double-hemmed with handy loop at one end. These towels are woven with warps of similar color families but slight variations in the weft. Thus, no 2 towels are identical but they all co-ordinate within the same color family. At this pricepoint, we prefer to sell minimum of 2 towels at $35 each but if you are purchasing multiple items, feel free to throw in a towel! Mix and match color families as desired.